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Code to Cloud Security with Prisma Cloud by
Palo Alto Networks

Secure your environment from design to runtime

Code Security
Identify and remediate risks before runtime

Infrastructure as code (IaC) Security

  • Backed by the community

  • Developer Friendly integrations

  • Automated fixes

  • Built-in guardrails

  • Compliance Benchmarks

  • Secrets Security

Secrets Security

  • 100+ Signature Library

  • Fine tuned entropy model

  • Supply chain visualization

  • Broad Coverage

  • Detection pre-commit in VCS and CI Pipelines

  • Detection in running workloads and apps.

CI/CD Security

  • Graph-based CI/CD mapping

  • Comprehensive engineering tool inventory

  • Pipeline posture management

  • Actionable fix guidance

Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

  • Built on Trusted sources

  • Developer-friendly integrations

  • Limitless dependency tree scanning

  • Version bump remediations

  • License analysis and audit reporting

  • Custom enforcement rules

Infrastructure Protection
Safeguard and fortify your application cloud assets

Cloud Security Posture Management

  • Visibility, Compliance and Governance

  • Threat Detection

  • Data Security

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

  • Net-effective permissions

  • Rightsizing permissions

  • IAM entitlement investigation

  • IdP integration

  • Automated Remediation

API Visibility

  • API Discovery

  • API Risk Profiling

  • Real-time protection

  • Flexible deployment options

  • Virtual patching

Agentless Workload Scanning

  • Code to cloud visibility

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

  • CI/CD Integration

Runtime Protection
Stop active threats with integrated safeguards and defense strategy

Threat Detection

  • Network Anomaly detection

  • user and entity behavior analytics

  • Threat intelligence-based threat detection

  • Granular control on false positives and negatives

Host Security

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Host compliance

  • Runtime defense

  • Image scanning

  • Auto-discovery

Serverless Security

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Compliance

  • CI/CD and repository scanning

  • Runtime visibility

  • Runtime defense

Web Application and API Security

  • OWASP Top 10 protection

  • API security

  • API Risk Profiling

  • Bot Risk management

  • DoS Protection

  • Continuous visibility

  • Virtual Patching

  • Access control

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