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Discover Security powered by AI

Evaluate your attack exposure
Identify. Analyze. Remediate

Take charge of your security strategy by seamlessly implementing Cloud Agnostic Security services

Bring light into your data by taking a detailed end to end view of your cybersecurity operation

Cloud Native end to end security

Secure your entire business DevSecOps lifecycle with Prisma Cloud Security Platform by
Palo Alto Networks

Runtime Protection

Shield your environment with an advanced runtime protection service safeguarding Hosts, infrastructure, containers and much more.

Risk Prevention

Uncover hidden risks and address security vulnerabilities.

Advanced SIEM

Detect, Investigate and Respond with Precision. Our SIEM Service Monitors Logs, Analyzes Anomalies and Provides Real-Time Alerts.

Breach & Attack Simulation Tests

Experience Real -World Threats in a Safe Environment.  Identify Vulnerabilities, Test Defenses and Enhance Security Readiness.

Threat Intelligence

Stay Ahead of Threats. Our Threat Intelligence Service Provides Real-Time Insights, Proactive Alerts and Actionable Recommendations.

Unparalleled Security in an evolving threat landscape

​Qmonit is a cybersecurity company that specializes in Prisma Cloud Application Security Platform covering 3 major areas: Cloud Security Posture Management, Cloud Workload Protection and Code Security.  Empowering your digital world with trust and resilience, our team of cybersecurity professionals is dedicated to delivering innovative professional services, safeguarding your business from threats.  Our interdisciplinary team has extensive experience integrating solutions at the intersection of data management, AI, and cybersecurity. We offer smart, innovative services to businesses of all sizes.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Security Digital Transformation?

Step into the future, secure your assets and drive growth. Don’t just keep up with the digital world, lead it. Join us on this journey and redefine what’s possible.

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